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St Ives Badminton Club

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SIBC Club nights are held on Tuesdays from 7:00pm till 10:00pm

The club operates a peg board system for selecting games. The 'normal' peg board rules described below apply up until 9.30pm at which point members are allowed to "challenge".

Peg Board System

Members should remember to place their peg at the back of the board as soon as they arrive at club. Visitors to the club should speak with one of the members who can give them a "Visitors" peg to place on the board.

The member at the front of the board selects the next game on and may select any 4 players from the front 6 - or 3 from the next 5 players assuming they have selected themselves!

Visitors to the club are not allowed to select games and the next full club member must pick the game.

Some junior members are invited to come to the adult club from 8:00pm till 9:30pm. They are treated as visitors and cannot select games.

After 9:30pm the club operates a "challenge" system which is described below.

Challenge System Explained

After 9.30pm the peg board can be used to "Challenge" and select games. If a group of members wish to "challenge" then they should each flick over their peg so that it points upwards. It is expected that all 4 players flick their pegs up.

Pegs flicked upwards cannot be picked to go on court by other members. When one of the "challengers" reaches the front of the board they can then select the match they want to go on court as long as all the players are in the first 6 players on the board.

If all 4 players are not in the first 6 on the board then they must miss their pick and wait until all 4 players are in the first 6 pegs.

If in doubt ask a committee member.


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